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The Rising Man Podcast

Welcome to “The Rising Man Podcast,” a platform where amazing men from all walks of life come to share their personal stories about the journey from boy to man, the challenges, triumphs, and insights they’ve experienced, and what they’ve learned along the way. Here we dive deep into masculine culture to identify what it really means to be a man in the modern world and to extract tips and tools to help EVERY man rise into greatness and become the man he is destined to be.

May 31, 2021

There’s no escaping the hard truth: you had violent ancestors. Shame and blame are entirely unhelpful, but there is a deep need to take responsibility for our present actions. Jeddy outlines how to give the future generations a more harmonious future. 




  • How does humanity’s past impact our...

May 27, 2021

Once a D1 wrestler and digital marketing maven, Jerold Limongelli used yoga, Vipassana meditation, and shamanism to realize his greater purpose. Now, he exists to serve men and change the masculine narrative. Learning self-love and ending his addiction to shame have been game changers for Jerold, and he shares the...

May 24, 2021

“Learn more about who you are on the inside by getting outside.”


Host Shawn Berry has decades of experience working with the medicine wheel, and shares his unique insights with us today. This highly informative episode will serve as a foundation and invaluable resource for future episodes. Shawn shares how to...

May 24, 2021

How can we create a culture where men talk about more than sports, sex, and money? Where men no longer create hierarchies and bully one another? Jeddy introduces the solution and explains why it must be PRACTICED to make an impact.




  • Why most modern day men-only structures are unhealthy.
  • What is a better...

May 20, 2021

In a world consumed by greed, coming back into right relations with nature and our ancestors is the only path to healing. We have three powerful guests today, all devoted to transforming the way humanity interacts with the Earth. Colonization’s impact on men is the focus, as we identify solutions to end the self...