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The Rising Man Podcast

Welcome to “The Rising Man Podcast,” a platform where amazing men from all walks of life come to share their personal stories about the journey from boy to man, the challenges, triumphs, and insights they’ve experienced, and what they’ve learned along the way. Here we dive deep into masculine culture to identify what it really means to be a man in the modern world and to extract tips and tools to help EVERY man rise into greatness and become the man he is destined to be.

Nov 30, 2023

“The plants, the stones, the fire … these are our ANCESTORS and they have wisdom to share”

Man has long been fascinated by FIRE and its transformational ability. From cooking to heating to forging, fire has been instrumental in humanity’s evolutionary journey. Join Shawn as he walks about in the Night and...

Nov 27, 2023

“How to bring information and wisdom INTO the body”


The only way transformational concepts can actually change your life is by regularly putting them into practice with others. Do you have an intentional container like this in your life? A supportive community that has your back, picks you up when you fall, and...

Nov 20, 2023

Have you ever considered how a woman feels in everyday life, simply walking down the sidewalk? The vibe often suggests an intention to TAKE something. What’s really going on here? In this episode, I go over how to be a steward of your energy and share proven ways for making women feel more safe.



Nov 13, 2023

“Directness is a practiced skill”

We’re spending too much time being indirect with our words because we're afraid of telling the truth! We’ve all been in a situation where an uncomfortable conversation presents itself… The big choice is to tell the truth or use soft words + beat around the bush. The things you...

Nov 9, 2023

“If you don’t have a sense of humor - you’re dead in the water!”

There’s always someone watching and being impacted by how we are showing up as men. As host of The Dad Edge Podcast and the father of 4 boys, today’s guest Larry Hagner has epic wisdom to share around creating legendary marriages, developing...