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The Rising Man Podcast

Welcome to “The Rising Man Podcast,” a platform where amazing men from all walks of life come to share their personal stories about the journey from boy to man, the challenges, triumphs, and insights they’ve experienced, and what they’ve learned along the way. Here we dive deep into masculine culture to identify what it really means to be a man in the modern world and to extract tips and tools to help EVERY man rise into greatness and become the man he is destined to be.

Nov 11, 2019

Extended time away from technology is a surefire, natural way to de-stress. Artificial lights, EMF waves, and other modern norms inflict a quiet toll on our bodies. The sun, stars, and ground provide ancient tech to keep our bodies finely tuned to their pristine state. Jeddy offers his reflections based on his experience at the most recent Compass Vision Fast. 


Show Notes:


  • The power of sleeping under the stars, sitting around a fire, and tapping into the rhythm of nature. 
  • How artificial lights and electronic waves affect our bodies
  • Why taking time off from our daily hustle is VITAL
  • How much stress and overstimulation do you have in your life?
  • Are you taking time to decompress and reconnect to nature?


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