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The Rising Man Podcast

Welcome to “The Rising Man Podcast,” a platform where amazing men from all walks of life come to share their personal stories about the journey from boy to man, the challenges, triumphs, and insights they’ve experienced, and what they’ve learned along the way. Here we dive deep into masculine culture to identify what it really means to be a man in the modern world and to extract tips and tools to help EVERY man rise into greatness and become the man he is destined to be.

Apr 9, 2020

Looking for a beacon of light in a tumultuous time? Our guest Roberto Hartman is just that - a heartfelt man with straightforward, accessible wisdom. In this time of conflicting facts, swirling emotions, and drastic lifestyle changes, the solutions are simple. Roberto mirthfully reminds us of the basics - body, breath, and presence. We also cover techniques to discharge stagnant emotions, healthy outlooks on fear, and the beauty of becoming an instrument of life.

Show Notes:

  • How to utilize the power of breath and stillness to regain your center
  • When we begin our breathing practice, we often forget. But, with practice and mindfulness it becomes habituated
  • Even though we might not have personal safety fears….economic, emotional, and collective fears still arise
  • Rather than constantly reading about the world news, shrink your view - what is right in front of you at this moment?
  • What role does fear play in a man’s life?
  • Inflexible belief systems lead to frustration
  • Engage with the ANGER - what is the root? Where is this coming from?
  • Energy is neutral, it can launch a missile or found a non profit
  • Why ancient philosophies are gaining popularity
  • There is no instruction manual for how to human - we learn from another but also must learn ourselves
  • “We move from one perfection to another perfection” - Ravi Shankar
  • Scarcity mindset keeps us from recognizing our creator given Power
  • What does it mean to shift from scarcity to abundance?
  • What does scarcity represent and what can we do with it?
  • Become an instrument of life and watch your problems dissolve
  • In times of crisis, a clear purpose is as useful as ever!
  • Ray Dalio, a financial sage, says to pick your peak, and relentlessly move towards it with a relaxed, confident approach.
  • What do you do on the days when you feel like you’ve been smacked in the head with a 2x4?? 
  • BTW - Breathe, toilet, water. Walk to the bathroom, take some deep conscious breaths, relieve yourself, splash cold water on your face, and drink water
  • After your self care practice, is the fear still there?


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